Hedgelaying not only provides a barrier for animals but it provides a wonderful wildlife habitat. It also rejuvenates a hedge from the base allowing it to re-grow and start its life cycle again. Almost all hedges have been layed at some time in their lives and you can see the relics of old hedgelaying by looking into the base of many hedgerows, especially in winter when the foliage is off.

base of hedge


Each stem along the hedge is cut and thinned downwards leaving just enough wood to carry sap.

midland style hedge

This Midland style hedge forms an impenetrable stock proof barrier- a living fence!


One years growth on a hedge layed in the Midland style.

Conservation Hedgelayingnigel with prize

Nigel has been hedgelaying since he was 21 and competes in many competitions around the country. He enters the National championships every year and has achieved 4th in the Midland Open considered by many to be the hardest class of all. As well as the many Midland competitions where he has picked up prizes he has also won the Devon Rural Skills competition many times, laying in the Devon style.  As the present Deputy Chairman of the Hedgelaying Society he believes strongly that hedgelaying has a future in our countryside and at every opportunity he strives to promote it. He teaches hedgelaying as part of the Chiltern Hedgelaying group and enjoys introducing such a satisfying skill to others.


conservation hedge

Conservation style hedge. Quicker and far cheaper this thick hedge has many attributes in some situations.

Nigel appreciates that hedgelaying costs can be high and has developed a hybrid style called ‘Conservation hedgelaying’ This is a quicker and far cheaper method of rejuvenating a hedge whilst also creating a good wildlife habitat. The technique is being studied as part of a DEFRA funded research project on hedgerow rejuvenation that Nigel is working on.

Whilst not for everyone, it does offer an alternative in some situations such as a hedge that is already fenced both sides or around an arable field.

So, whether you want a top quality skilled job, find out more about Conservation Hedging or get sound advice and a quotation do please contact us.